School, Church, Memorial

(I have arrived back in Kiel, but will continue posting a couple of impressions and supplements about my time in Moldova).

Three small boys come towards us. They are eating apples. One holds a pole with line and hook, the others each carry a bucket full of small fish.

As I go from the school to the Culture House where the war memorial stands, I meet the youngest of the boys again. He sees two more boys on rollerskates a little ways down the street. The small boy next to me whistles through his fingers and says something in Ukranian.

I start to draw the memorial. „Hello.“ More children have joined me. Three little girls approach hesitantly, then are very excited when I show them my drawing.

In the meantime, the small boys are busy racing a Mini-Quad around the memorial and the flowerbeds and fighting with flowers and branches.

Two older boys, maybe 17 years old, are watching me too. I now understand the words „Artist“ and „Work.“ And „Семечки. By the way, they eat this the whole time.

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