The First Day of Work

At 6:05 we are supposed to be at the excavation house. Ok, we’re a little late. But still, we get there before Robert! And that’s why, Roman tells us, we did everything right and can greet Robert with a knowing smile and a glance at our (and his) nonexistent wristwatch.

The hills around us are still cloaked with mist as we begin to work. It is not yet particularly hot.

After breakfast it starts to get very hot. My creative juices run out so I wander around and watch what everyone is doing.

At 2pm, our work day is over. By the time we have packed everything and arrived to the school for lunch, it is almost 3 pm. There’s Bortsch (or is it spelled differently?).

 After we briefly stop by our accommodations, we explore the store “Magazin Mixed” more closely. We’re not sure what’s more important: internet or beer. The store has both.

Then Andrei, one of the workers from the excavation, shows up. We buy a shot of vodka. Then another. Then I draw Andrei. We know almost no Russian, he knows only three German words: “Danke”, “Arbeit”, and “Wehrmacht” (“Thanks”, “Work”, and “Wehrmacht”). He is very funny.

So that’s it for today. Best wishes to everyone reading along!

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