The last stage of the journey

After our night in Bratislava, we pick Robert up in Budapest.

Robert wants to drive. We go straight across Hungary, then through Romania. More on that later, maybe first in the book that will be published at the end of the year.

Sometime later, long after the Slovakian fields turned into Romanian towns and cities that stretch along the streets, we decide to stay overnight at “Hotel Dracula.” Marta takes over and puts the pedal to the metal, but Malte can keep up.

Sadly, the count is not taking any visitors, so we end up staying in the Pension Gabita – middle of the Carpathians. There is an almost luxurious dinner and then bed.

The next morning the Carpathians greet us with mist and beautiful Bukovinian orthodox churches.     

Soon the landscape is flatter, more steppe-like, more wide-open. We approach the border and are allowed through without any problems. None of the border guards try to make themselves feel important, at least not through us. Lennart warns us “Everyone, go to the bathroom here in Romania. It’s worth it.” He speaks from experience.

When we arrive, Stas gives us a tour of the excavation site. Then there’s a meal in a small, but pretty, school. So pretty, that we all wish we had gone to school here. (There will definitely be drawings of it to come).

We sleep in a wonderful house. Indeed, there are many beds, but we have to get water from the well with a hose. We all fall asleep immediately.

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